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Bangor Gymnastics Club are committed to providing gymnastics opportunities for all ages and abilities in the local community. Our aim is to help each individual reach their full potential in a fun and safe environment.  

Mae Clwb Gymnasteg Bangor yn Glwb cyfeillgar, di-elw, sy'n cynnig hyfforddiant gymnasteg o ansawdd uchel i blant a phobl ifanc rhwng 5 a 18 oed, gydag aelodaeth o dros 400 ar hyn o bryd. Mae'r holl arian a dderbynnir yn cael ei wario ar redeg y clwb. campfa a gwella ein cyfleusterau.



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Welcome Pack /
Member pack 

Parent Code of Conduct

U18 Participant/Gymnast 
Code of Conduct


-Bangor Bears 
-Powerful Ninjas
-Leaping Leopards

-Broga Bach 
-Little Lions 
-Tumbling Tigers


-Competitve Rec



Bangor Gymnastics Club was founded in 1981, and moved into it's new fully equipped facility in Llandygai Industrial Estate in March 2017. The club currently offers a wide range of gymnastic activities for infants, children, young people and adults of all abilities. The club is affiliated to British Gymnastics and Welsh Gymnastics.

We are proud of our prestigious recent achievements which include:

Welsh Gymnastics Club of the Year 2017

Welsh Gymnastics Insport Club of the Year 2017

Sport Wales Disability Club of the Year 2017

Disability Sport Wales Gold Accreditation Award

We also work under GymMark, which shows that our club provides the right environment ensuring the welfare of members and encouraging everyone to enjoy sport and stay involved in sport throughout their lives.

Babgor Logo PNG.png
Babgor Logo PNG.png

Coming soon...

Team BGC 



We are passionate about offering Gymnastics opportunities for all ages and abilities in our local community.


We welcome members from crawling to 5 years old in our Pre-School program. We have 3 different classes -

Broga Bach, Little Lions and Tumbling Tigers. 

Broga Bach. Age from crawling to 5 years old.

Our Broga Bach session is a parent led free play session. Our fantastic facility will be set up to cater for babies to toddlers to ensure they have a safe environment to push their boundaries. We have sensory and soft play for babies as well as foam pits for your adventurous toddler.

Monday 10.00-11.00am and Friday 10.00-11.00am

A space must be pre-booked through Class 4 Kids for each session. 

Little Lions. Age 2-3.

This session is the first stepping stone into a structured gymnastics session. As the session is parent led it gives your little one a chance to get to know our pre-school coaching team as well as an understanding of a structured session before they join one of our independent sessions.

The session will include various stations introducing basic skills whilst gaining confidence and improving their fine motor skills on various equipment.

Our sessions run...

Monday 11.30-12.15pm, Tuesday and Friday 11:30-12:15pm.

Termly booking is required through our new online system "Class For Kids" and payment is required for the term in advanced to secure your space.

Please note that these sessions run school term time. 

Tumbling Tigers. Age 3-4. 

This session is a progression from Little Lions.

It's an independent session meaning it is fully led by our coaching team.

Our Tumbling Tigers will continue to improve on their motor skills whilst exploring new and exciting challenges.

Our sessions run...

Monday 12.30-1.15pm, Thursdays 4.00-4.45pm, Friday 12:30-1:15pm and Saturday 9.30-10.15am .

Termly booking is required through our new online system "Class For Kids" and payment is required for the term in advanced to secure your space.

Please note that these sessions run school term time. 


Why not try out exciting Freestyle classes? For children 8+

Starting back soon.

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 16.01.21.png

est. 1981

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Our recreational program caters for gymnasts that are in full time school.

All gymnasts within the recreational program will develop important physical literacy skills whilst learning new skills on various equipment.

Bangor Bears (Reception-Year 2 and Year 3-5)

These fun focused session are here to teach gymnasts the foundation skills to start their gymnastics journey. These sessions are for children who are starting their gymnastics journey, have moved up from our pre-school program or gymnasts who have participated in our recreational program previously. Gymnasts will be grouped with other gymnasts their age and use a range of equipment within our fantastic purpose-built facility. Gymnasts in these session will work on improving their strength, flexibility, co ordination and balance which will improve their physical literacy.

 These groups will be mixed boys and girls. 

Our sessions are 1hr.

We have numerous sessions running throughout the week.

Monthly booking is required through our new online booking system "Class For Kids" and payment is required for the term in advanced to secure your space.   


                 CLASSES for Reception - Year 2                                             

Monday 4:00

Tuesday 4:00

Wednesday 4:00

Thursday 4:00

Friday 4:00

Saturday 10.15 & 11.15


CLASSES for Year for  Reception - Year 5

Monday 5.00

Tuesday 5.00

Wednesday 5.00

Thursday 5.00


    CLASSES for Year 3-5     


Monday 6.00

Wednesday 6.00

Thursday 6.00

Friday 5.00

Saturday 11.15

Leaping Leopards Girls - Year 6+

This session is the next step for gymnasts who are current members of Bangor Bears or just starting out on their journey! Gymnasts within these session will be grouped by age but also by ability to ensure they are getting the most out of their session. Gymnasts will spend more time developing each skill as well as focusing on specific apparatus.

These sessions are all 1 hour and we have numerous sessions running throughout the week.

Monthly booking is required through our new online booking system "Class For Kids" and payment is required for the term in advanced to secure your space.

CLASSES TIMES for Girls in Year 6+

Monday 7.00

Thursday 6.00 & 7.00

Saturday 12.15


Powerful Ninjas Boys Year 6+

Powerful Ninjas is designed for boys year 6+ who are interested in starting out in gymnastics or would like to learn how to roll, somersault, and land safely. These sessions are 1 hour long with gymnasts being in small groups to ensure they receive the most out of the session. Powerful Ninja's sessions are a mix between coach led and gymnast led activities. 50% of the session is working on Ninja style free running, including rolls over blocks, jumping onto blocks off trampettes, where as the other 50% of the session is working on our men's artistic apparatus such as rings, p-bars and fast track. This session is perfect for any boy who would love to get involved within gymnastics for the first time or re start back after some time away. 

Payment is Monthly.

CLASSES for Powerful Ninjas Boys Year 6+ 

Monday 7.00

Wednesday 7.00

Saturday 12.15



Bangor Bears / Leaping Leopards / Powerful Ninj



Our Inclusive sessions cater for children and young adults with disabilities.


We run various sessions throughout the week

Gymnastics = Tuesday 7.00-7.45pm and Saturday 8.45-9.30am


If you would like further details about these sessions please contact our inclusive Lead Coach Natasja Woodcock on...

Screenshot 2022-09-13 at 20.36.58.png

The competitive recreational program is for gymnasts who have stood out in our Bangor Bears, Powerful Pumas or Leaping Leopard sessions and have been selected to attend a trial by our competitive coaching team.

Gymnasts will represent the club at various out of club competitions. 

We have different groups for different age groups and different competitions.


Diamonds Minis

Diamond Juniors 

Diamond Seniors 


Topaz Minis

Topaz Juniors 

Topaz Seniors 

FullSizeRender (3)_edited.jpg
Screenshot 2022-09-13 at 18.59.36.png
Screenshot 2022-09-13 at 20.37.17.png

Competitive  Recreational

Screenshot 2022-09-13 at 20.46.39.png
Screenshot 2022-09-13 at 20.43.23.png
Screenshot 2022-09-13 at 20.47.26.png
Screenshot 2022-09-13 at 20.43.45.png


Women’s and Men’s Artistic Competitive Squad (Invitational Only) BGC’s Women’s and Men’s Artistic sessions are by invitation only. BGC regularly monitors the gymnasts in our Mini Monkey and Mini Flamingoes groups, as well as competitive recreational groups. Coaches will  approach the parents of children who coaches feel have the physical and psychological  attributes necessary to take part in competitive gymnastics and invite the gymnast for a trial.  This squad requires a high level of commitment from both gymnasts and parents. WAG/MAG gymnasts are expected to compete in several regional and national competitions. Gymnasts may also be selected attend Regional and National Squad trials. 

Mini Monkeys and Mini Flamingoes

 (4 - 8 years - Invitation only)

At BGC we are keen to develop our gymnasts to the best of their ability. To aid this we have developed a program to ensure gymnasts can progress towards all levels of our competitive programs. Mini and Mighty monkeys are selected for a trial from our Bangor bear sessions. The aim of these sessions is to assess their natural strength, flexibility and aptitude to progress in a competitive program. With the hopes of the gymnasts moving into our competitive rec or WAG/MAG programs. 

Screenshot 2022-09-13 at 20.44.25.png


Come and give gymnastics a go!

It's never too late...

Every Tuesday 8.30-9.30pm

Please book via our online booking system "Class 4 Kids"

Starting Back 3rd October


For more info please email


We can't wait to hear from you! 
Bangor Gymnastics Club
Unit 5
Llandygai industrial Estate
LL57 4YH 
All classes /waiting lists are managed through our booking system class for kids 
Please join a waiting list if classes are full - we review them continually and will endevour to find a suitable space where possible.



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Facebook - @Bangor Gymnastics Club

Twitter - @BangorGym

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